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Church History

Rev. Wess Pollard, Jr., being led by the Holy Spirit and with a few people believing in him, met in his home at 1706 N. Linn Street on Tuesday, March 1994.  After prayer and meditation Rev. Pollard revealed to us how it was put upon him to start a Congregation and from that moment New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church was birthed.  Present at the first meeting were Rev. Wess Pollard, Sis. Christie Pollard, Sis. Jackie Pollard, Bro. West Pollard, III, Bro Sylvester Pollard, Bro. Patrick Pollard and Sis. Sharon Odtis.


After meeting at the Pollard’s home several times, more space was needed.  The Congregation leased a building at 605 NE Monroe Street.  Much work was needed, but with much prayer, faith, determination and hard work we were able to complete renovations on July 2, 1994.  Our first worship service was conducted on July 3, 1994.


Charter Members

The Charter Members of New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church are Bro. Sylvester, Bro. Wess Pollard, III, Bro. Patrick Pollard, Bro Anthia Pollard, Bro. Brian Pollard, and Sis. Jackie Pollard, Sis. Christie Pollard, Sis. Sharon Pollard, Bro. Dominique Watkins, Bro. Ron Jenkins, Sis. Kenya Scott, Sis. Kaija Scott, Bro. Sylvester Davenport and Bro. Joshua Pollard.


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